Best Rapidshare Search Engines List [Latest 2017]

Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine for many years. With billions of searches on Google is considered the answer to every question or should I say the best way to find the answers to any questions. Google provides results for almost everything written and searched in its search box and most of the times it provides you thousands of results for your searched term, but have you ever wondered that there could be a better search engine in terms of providing accurate and needful results rather than just showing thousand useless results for your search. Also check best sites to watch series online.

What I actually mean to say that I’ve noticed this on Google many times that the results are not accurate and they rather than solving your problem and help you get an answer which confuse you even more than you were at the beginning.

No offense to Google, I’m just saying that we can also go for other options which are better than Google in many ways. So, in that scenario, you would suggest yahoo or bing. Well, your choice is good. Both of them were search engine giants before Google came in. But we need something specific, something which can provide information which is accurate. My choice will be something completely different from others, and it is Rapidshare.

You may have heard bout Rapidshare, maybe you haven’t but there is one thing you should about RapidShare that it is the largest file storage service on the Internet. It s compiled with different uploaded file related to many different topics. Any information which is absolutely impossible to find elsewhere is easily available on RapidShare search engines. Especially, information like cracked software.

The information is normally uploaded through different servers and today I’m going to provide you a list of such Rapidshare websites or search engine which will be helpful to you go getting exact information which you need. Here is the list of best Rapidshare search engines websites. Recommended for you – Best Websites to Watch Cartoons Online

Top 9 Best Free Rapidshare Search Engine List

1. FileTube –

FileTube is one of the most popular RapidShare search engine and inside the website you will find hundreds of different of RapidShare download links. The links are available which lead you to almost anything. You can upload your files, download songs, videos, software, E-books and much more. The search engine will not let you down.

2. Rapidlibrary –

Rapid library is another very popular RapidShare search engine which also consists of thousands of different files to choose from. You can search for many different files on RapidShare. The search engine is mostly known for Downloading E-Books, songs, and music videos.

3. SearchShared –

Now, this search engine is unique from others because other than many file hosting servers, it also consists of many file sharing servers. The search engine is Google based in many ways because it looks and operates like Google. You can search and download music, music videos, photos, and software on this search engine.

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4. Filecrop –

Filecrop is one of the biggest Rapidshare search engines with many download links, and it is said that the search engine consists of more than 25 million files in the database. The files ranges in songs, video songs, movies, games, software and much more to enjoy. Because large filebase finding your match will be easy and the search bar provided at the top can take you to your exact file.

5. Gappon –

Gappon is the most popular and the biggest RapidShare search engine till date. The search engine has the biggest collection of files in all the RapidShare search engines. You can easily find results and download links of many different movies, songs, games, software, and E-Books. Gappon has the most percentage of the download links, and the downloading speed of the links is also very impressive.

6. ShareDigger –

Sharedifffer is a website which is similar to SearchShared because it also contains with file hosting, downloading file sharing servers. So, if you want to upload any file, then you can also do that and share to different platforms. Like all the other search engines this search engine is also compatible for downloading different songs, movies, games, and software from provided download links.

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7. FileSearching –

FileSeacrhing is not very popular RapidShare website because the collection of the files in this website in not as much as other website mentioned in the list. But, still, it can be handy for downloading files like songs, videos, and E-Books like every other RapidShare search engine.

8. MegaUpload –

MegaUpload is actually a completely different search engine and it’s not related RapidShare or it’s not under RapidShare. It’s another web storage service same as RapidShare and the use, and the purpose of the website is also same but, on a lower extant thus, you can find the download and upload links of megaupload on the RapidShare websites mentioned in the list. The same files like songs, media, E-Books, games, movies, software can be downloaded from the Megaupload links.

9. FilesHunt –

FilesHunt is a search engine which is associated with RapidShare and is considered the most frequent RapidShare search engine for providing updates related to the uploaded content. The content includes songs, games, movies, and software. If you need the updated content and then your first choice should be only Fileshunt.

Thus, was my list of 9 best RapidShare Search engine to find the best results.

Final Words –

At the end of the article, I need to say that all the websites are trustworthy and more importantly they’re all safe and secure from any threat like malware and viruses. If you’re fond of accurate results rather with a proper answer rather than roaming different website pages for hours, then RapidShare can do the work for you. Particularly, for that RapidShare is the wisest option. The best part is accessing RapidShare search engines is free cost.

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