9 Best Sites Like LiveLeak – LiveLeak Alternative Websites

Liveleak is a website which is become very popular from last few years. What Liveleak does is even not imaginable for a standard website. In the website you can post your recorded videos. The videos can be related to anything it just needs to be realistic. The content of videos you will find on the website is out of the world, and especially, the content is not available on TV or any other national or international news channel.

The videos can be related to murder, kidnapping, live events or anything else. The content is exclusive, not easy to find anywhere else. Interestingly, no part in the video is blurred or copied or edited, you watch the exact video which was recorded without any mess. When you will watch those videos from the website for the first time either you’ll be mesmerized or you’ll be terrified. Recently, we have also shared free music download websites.

But, the catch of the article is that we’re going to make a list of those websites which are alternatives to Liveleaks and the same kind of content can be find in these websites to get more viral videos which are not available any where else. So, lets get straight to the list of sites like LiveLeak.

1. KillSomeTime

KillSomeTime is one of the most popular alternatives to Liveleak, and from this website to you can find thousands of viral videos which are not available anywhere else. The videos will definitely kill your time, and that’s the quality from where the name of the website comes from. The videos can be of any kind, it can be funny, clingy, serious and even emotional, but this is for sure that it will kill your time. So get loose with the website.

2. Xfinity Video

Xfinity Video another excellent alternative of Liveleak. Although there is some piece of good news for the light hearted people that the content in the website is not graphic or dangerous. It is basically known for light content but still would be damn entertaining. You can find any videos on this website, but it will be less risky as others on the list.

You also have to choose the URL carefully because Xfinity.com won’t work and you’ll be redirected somewhere else. So better try Xfinity.com/Video.

3. Toxic Junction – 

The website is definitely not for weak hearted people. The website contains some serious graphic content which can be disturbing for some people. The content which is shown on the website is bizarre, graphic sometimes even heart crunching. So, better think before you open this website. The website also has a setting called “Safe for Work” to temporarily block all the extra gruesome content to keep your office environment healthy, in case you’re watching the videos in your office.

4. Too Shocking

Too Shocking is a website which can be considered similar to Toxic Junction, but less graphic. As the name suggests, the content you will found on the website is shocking and surprising. One thing is for sure that none of the videos are funny, all of them are serious and can be annoying also, so better think twice before steaming the website. One of the shocking videos which an be found on the website is a Ferrari colliding with a group of cows while on a highway. You can upload your video easily if you also have such gruesome video available in your smartphone.

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5. Tru Tv – Most Shocking –

The website comes in the same category of Toxic Junction and Too Shocking. The videos you will find on the website will blow your mind and drop your jaw on the floor before you even realize. I also warn that think twice before you open and stream the website. The content is horrifying and can give you goosebumps. Still, the content can be considered less graphic then Toxic Junction. The people who love bizarre entertainment will find lots of interesting content for them on the website.

6. OMG News –

OMG News is a website which provides viral videos as well as viral videos with the news. It is one of the best sites like LiveLeak. The content of the videos and video news from the website will be related to current affairs and ongoing scenarios in the world. It will provide useful information in the form of videos to keep up with the world. But one thing may bother you that the updates are not that frequent like other platforms, but it will be still handy.

7. Crazy Shit –

Another bizarre website from the same category of Toxic Junction, Too Shocking, Tru TV. You should try this LiveLeak alternative site. The website is a home for such videos which you can’t even imagine in your wildest dreams. The video has seriously disturbing content which can’t be expressed in words. Animals, murders, killings, suicides, etc. Keep your children away from this website and as my suggestion goes don’t even tell them about it.

8. The Daily Banter

The Daily Banter is a website where you an find videos related to daily news and current affairs. You can find videos showing related to may different topics like sports, media, entertainment, culture. The website is not that bizarre like others on the list. If you really like the website the then you can also buy a membership to get daily updates through digital newspaper. Yes, it’s chargeable but the service and daily updates are up to mark, and you will definitely find some interesting news to make your day.

9. NowVideo

NowVideo is also a great option to find viral videos. It’s not as sleek as Liveleak but still, deserves a try. You can also upload your recorded videos which you can go viral. To do that first of all, you have to create an account on the website and you can upload your videos, and the best part is that uploading is completely free.

Final Words –

Finally, I have to say that most of all the website mentioned in the list are popular for bizarre and graphic videos. So I request you guys that don’t watch the videos will you’re completely ready.

Thus, was the article on sites like Liveleak. Kindly comment your questions and suggestions in the comment box.

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