Free Movie Apps for Android 2017 Worth Installing!

One of the best ways of entertaining yourself is watching movies. There is no other more interesting way of spending your time and entertaining yourself than watching movies. There are many ways to watch movies online and offline. You can go to the Theatre to watch latest movies, Buy DVDs and Blu-Rays to watch on TV, order them through your DTH service provider and also watch movies online on PC or even on Smartphone. Also check free movies sites to watch movies online.

With the increased use of the smartphones, we are getting the proper amount of apps for watching movies on the smartphone. Watching movies on the smartphone is very convenient nowadays due to these apps. There are tons of movie apps available on the Google Play Store to download. But, it can be quite confusing for ordinary people to choose and download the best movie app from the Google Play Store. If you are interested in watching movies online on the smartphone, then you should check out these best movie apps for Android smartphone.

The movie apps that I am going to list in this post are very excellent and free to download. So, you can download and watch movies on your mobile for free. All of the movie apps that I am listing in this post are available to download from the Google Play Store or official sources.

 Free Movie Apps for Android

Free Movie Apps for Android Smartphones | Watch Movies Online on Smartphone

The best free movie apps that you are going to check now are not just the movie apps. You can find lots of video content on those apps to entertain yourself. You can find Movies, TV Series, Documentaries and even web-series on these movie apps. So, you get full-on entertainment with these free movie apps for Android. You may also like these Anime streaming sites.

Terrarium TV

The Terrarium TV is one of the best movie apps for android. Trusted by millions of movie fans, the app is also one of the most popular movie apps for android. On the Terrarium TV app, You can find all of the latest and favorite movies to watch for free and also the TV series that people love from all over the world. The Terrarium TV is different kind of movie app from the others. The Terrarium tv stores all of their content on the Cloud Storage, making it easy to access and faster to download or stream for ordinary users, making the movie watching experience richer than the other apps.

On the Terrarium TV app, you can watch and download the movies and TV series in Full HD resolution. Also, this is one of the plus points that’s made this app to gain the first position in our list. Well, you may face problems to use this app to its full potential, if the internet in your country is highly monitored, then you may need a free VPN app like Opera VPN to access the Terrarium TV app.
The Terrarium TV app is not available on the Google Play Store. But, you can download the APK file from official and trusted sources.


A Strong competitor to the Terrarium TV and one of the most popular Movie Apps for Android is here. The Showbox is definitely on of the most popular movie apps made for Android smartphone users. If you are a movie freak who want to watch movies that are not available from other sources, then the Showbox app can be your source of the movies. On the Showbox app, you can find tons of movies from all the movie genres. No movie is absent on the Showbox app for us to watch online.

Not just the Movies, the Showbox app has the massive database of popular TV series and informative documentaries. If you love to watch movies and also the tv show, then you’ll love this app. It is exclusive to the Android app. If you are an iOS user and missing the Showbox, then you should install Android emulator app on your iOS device and then run the Showbox apk file.

Unfortunately, the Showbox is not available on the Google Play Store for direct download. So, you’ll have to download the Showbox APK file from the official site or the trusted APK hosting sharing sites.


If you are in India and want to check out the movie app for android that eats fewer internet data than the other apps, then the Hotstart is for you. In my words, it is the “Netflix of India.” The Hotstar is very popular app amongst the Indian youth because of the features you are getting with this app. In the Hotstar app, you can watch movies, TV series and watch The live television, that too for free. Although, there is a paid subscription option for you that unlocks extra features like Downloads of Movies and TV shows.

The Hotstar also supports the live streaming of almost all of the channels of Star Group, making it one of the best TV streaming app in India. The Hotstar offers free movies and free TV series to watch, but to get the access to all of the content, you must have to purchase a premium plan. The app have the pretty good user interface, making it easy-to-use.

The Hotstar app is available on Google Play Store to download for free. But, this app doesn’t work if you are using VPN or living outside India.

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The Jio is now one of the most popular telecom company in India. They are now offering 4G Internet at affordable prices. With the common tariff plans, the Jio users are getting the free subscription to the JioCinema app, which is highly underrated movie app for Android smartphones. On the JioCinema app, you can watch and download almost all of the latest Bollywood movies for free of cost. The JioCinema app has tons of Bollywood films and also some of the favorite Hollywood films.

As the JioCinema is a trusted app, there is no need to worry about the piracy or any other threat. If you are a Jio 4G user, then you can get free access to this app till you subscribe to the 4G data packs. The JioCinema app is available to download on the Google Play Store for free.


The MovieHD is another fantastic movie app for the Android smartphones. Just like another app that we’ve mentioned in this post, the MovieHD app comes with the database of tons of popular and famous movies to watch online. The MovieHD app is free to use an app, but it comes with a kind of interesting feature, that only a few of the movie apps for an Android offer.

The MovieHD app supports the Chromecast. Means, you can stream the movies from MovieHD app to your Television, if you have a Chromecast by Google. So, you can enjoy the film on the big screen with the help of the MovieHD app. There are only a few apps that provide such feature. The MovieHD app is not available on the Google Play Store to Download. But, you can find the APK file of this app on any of the popular APK sharing websites.


If you want the best movie app for Android that has high ratings on the Google Play Store, then the TubiTV app is for you. With the TubiTV, you can watch thousands of movies for free of cost. The app comes with a massive database of the movies that you can watch without paying any money. The TubiTV is listed on the Google Play Store with more than one million downloads and out of 5 in ratings. The app has won the hearts of users with the fantastic service.

The rare movies and the TV series that are difficult to find are available on the TubiTV. For example, the Korean Drama that you are searching for a long time can be found on the TubiTV app for you to watch for free. There are all kinds of movies from different categories like Action, Drama, Comedy, Kung Fu, etc., are available on this app.
The app is listed on the Google Play Store and available to download for free.


Do you know the Playbox app? Yes? Then this is the same app, which has been renamed by their creators. The CinemaBox is another best movie app in our list. Without mentioning the CinemaBox, previously known as the Playbox app. The CinemaBox app comes with some features that are not available in all of the movie apps that we’ve listed here. This app has some interesting features like Offline Mode to watch movies after downloading, Subtitle Support for movies in the foreign languages, Kids mode to filter out A rated films and also the ChromeCast support.

I loved the Kids Mode feature that blocks the “A” rated movies while using the app with your kids. The CinemaBox app lives up to his name as the app comes with a massive database of the movies from all categories. You can find Most popular, Most watched, Classic Movies, Comedy movie and all other kinds of movies from different languages around the world.
The CinemaBox app is not listed in the Google Play Store, but available to download from the official source for free.


The Viewster featured in our list of the best online movie streaming sites. The Viewster has the Android app, that is again on our list of the best movie apps. The Viewster is both the site and movies app, that is one of the most popular sources of watching movies without downloading. The Viewster app fetches the database of the movies from the website. So, you get the same content that is available on their site. You can find thousands of movies to watch for free on the Viewster app and website. The movies are sorted in the different categories like The Latest Additions, Staff Picks, Most Popular and Genres.

The app is free to use, and there is no need to create a user account. But if you are a regular user of their website, then you can create a free account to bookmark and add movies to watch later, and then access the same on your smartphone.

The Viewster app is available on the Google Play Store for free. The app is also available for the iOS users.


The Netflix is considered as the king of the online entertainment market. The Netflix is a highly popular site/app, that has almost all of the released movies in this world in their database. This is one of the most popular movie apps for the Android and iOS devices. With the Netflix App, you can find tons of movies and TV shows to watch in your free time.

The Netflix is a premium service. Hence you’ll need to spend some money to get access to their services. But once you buy a subscription, then you get access to all of the movies and TV shows. The Netflix is available on all of the platforms that support internet access, like Smart TV’s, Smart TV boxes, Android, iOS, Computer and even PlayStations. So, you can install the Netflix app to access the service on your smartphone and also access the website to watch movies on your computer.

If you are not sure whether to spend the money on Netflix subscription or not, then just take their 30-Days trial to know how good is their service. The 30-Days trial offers free service with all the features for 30-Days. This is the only fully paid app in our list, that is why we listed it at the end. But, it deserves the first place in the list of best movie apps for android.

Final Words | Best Free Movie Apps for Android

So, these are the best free movie apps for Android, which you can install to enjoy free movie streaming on your smartphone. All of these apps are free to use with some exceptions. But, I know you’ll love these free movie apps to watch your favorite movie without paying anything. If you love solitude and love to watch movies lying on the couch and not in the theaters, then all of the apps listed here are for you.
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