Top Best Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Movies Online 2017

The Movie Buffs are always looking for the ways to watch movies in every condition. The movie buffs never leave a single chance to watch movies. When it is not possible to wait for downloading the movie, they just stream the whole movie with their internet balance. If you are a film buff like me, then you are ones who love to stream movies than to download and watch them. I like to stream movies online to get the better experience.

The Online Movie Streaming is in trend these days because of the experience, better internet connectivity and most importantly you don’t have to wait to watch the movie. If you have a good internet connection in your home, then you should check out these best free movie streaming sites. These streaming sites will help you to save the time of downloading and then watching the movie. These free movies streaming websites have the best movies that you’ll love watching online. Also, check out these free music downloads sites.

Free Movie Streaming Sites | Sites to Watch Movies Online

Here is the list of best sites to watch movies online. Watching movies online is very much better than illegally download them and support the piracy. All of the Free Movie Streaming sites listed in this post are Free to use and legal. So, you are not supporting any piracy while watching movies on any of these sites.

Go Movies

The Go Movies is one of the most popular free movies streaming website. Here, you can find tons of famous movies to watch online for free of cost. You can find the movies from A-Z, particular country or even use the search bar to find any film. There is no need to make an account on this site to watch free movies online. You may face some annoying ads while streaming, but the ads are the only way they are providing the free movies to stream online.


The PrimeWire is also one of the most popular websites to streaming movies online for free. The PrimeWire is famous for their massive database of the movies. The PrimeWire is updated daily and has thousands of movies to watch online for free of cost. You’ll need a free user account on PrimeWire to stream the movies.


The Vumoo is one of the most famous online movie streaming sites. I am a regular visitor of this website to stream movies in my free time. The Vumoo has thousands of favorite movies to watch online for free of cost. Here, you can watch new movies online and also watch some favorite TV shows like The Flash, Game of Thrones and Arrow.


The ViewSter is the unique website which has almost everything an entertainment seeker wants. On the Viewster, you can find the Anime Series, Movies, and TV shows. You can watch free movies online without downloading on Viewster. You can sort the movies by the Latest Additions, Staff Picks, Feature Movies and Also according to the languages. You can watch movies without creating an account, but you can create an account to bookmark, create watch later list and access more features of this site.


The WolowTube is the online search engine for the movies. You can find the movie you want to watch online and then just stream it for free on the site. The WolowTube offers different resources where you can visit and stream the movie online for free of cost. There is no need to create an account on this site to watch movies online as it’s technically a search engine for movies.


This is also one of the best and most interesting websites to stream movies online. On the Movie4K, you can all of the latest films to stream in HD resolution. You can watch Movies and TV shows on this site. The great feature of this site is that they provide different video streaming locations for you to watch movies. In case any of the movies is not streaming properly, then you can switch to another source to stream without any problem.


The Viooz is another site on our list that is one of the credible movie streaming site. On the Viooz, you can find latest Hollywood movies to watch for free. The movies are available in HD resolution to watch. There are no annoying advertisements on this site, which is a good thing. But, you’ll have to create a free user account to watch movies on Viooz.


The 5Movies is an underrated movie streaming site. On the 5Movies, you can search for any movie you want and then watch it directly on the site. The site has almost every popular movie on their servers so you can stream them anytime. Also, you’ll get the option to stream the same movie from different sources and servers, helping you to watch movies without any interruptions.


The PopcornFlix is a good online HD movie streaming site for movie lovers. On the PopcornFlix, you can find thousands of movies to watch for free. You can sort the movies by different genres like Action, Drama, Family, Comedy, and others. The best thing about this site is there is no need to create a user account to watch any movie.


The MoviesPlanet is the last entry in our list of Best online movie streaming sites. You can watch unlimited movies in HD without downloading with the free user account. The MoviesPlanet has thousands of modern and old movies available for users to view for free. Also, the site is updated daily with new and upcoming films. There are fewer advertisements on the MoviesPlanet compared to other sites, which is a good thing considering the uninterrupted movie streaming experience for users.

The is not the original Netflix, but a free alternative to streaming movies online. If you are looking for the classic Hollywood movies and also the movies from your native country, then this is the site where you should land for every query. On the, you can find movies from different genres, countries and also from the different years. The site is highly active in updating the latest movies in their database. You don’t need to have a user account on this site to watch or download the latest movies online.

From Free movies, TV Series and latest cartoons, you can stream anything for free on this site. You can find almost every movie and the TV series on this site to watch in your free time.

Want to stream HD movies online for free? Then you should bookmark in your web browser. The is one of the most simple online movie streaming sites. On, you can watch all of the latest Hollywood movies for free of cost, thus saving your money. On, you can find all of the latest movies from Hollywood to watch online. Also, there are many classic movies to watch, but you’ll have to search on the site for the movies manually.

On, you can download your favorite movie if you don’t want to stream movies online due to time constraints. You can download the movies in HD quality to watch them later. For me, it is an tough contender for other free online movie streaming sites.

Few Paid Streaming Services Worth Your Bucks:

Below, I am listing some of the best streaming services on which you can many movies, series and cartoon show online.


It is one of the most popular streaming services which are available in more than 200 countries. On this streaming service, you can stream various TV shows and movies in 4K quality as well. If you are a movies lover and series lover who loves to kill boredom by watching series and movies, then I recommend you to subscribe to Netflix. Undoubtedly, this service is worth every penny which you spend on it. Moreover, you can enjoy free movie streaming on Netflix for the first month.

Amazon Prime Video

Here comes a streaming service from another giant – Amazon. Prime Video is quite similar to the Netflix in many ways like it provides to content for streaming in 4K quality as well. Moreover, they have their own collection of their originals like Red Oaks, Goliath, One Mississippi, etc. They are also providing one month of free trial for their services, which comes with additional benefits like Free 1-Day Delivery and Express Delivery on select products.


The Hotstar is one of the most popular online movie streaming site in India. The Hotstar is currently limited to the Indian users but may expand their services to other countries very soon. If you are looking for latest Bollywood movies or classic Bollywood movies to streaming online, then the Hotstar is the best option for you. The Hotstar is a paid online movie streaming site, but it also provides some movies for you to watch for free.

The paid subscription of the Hotstar is pretty cheap compared to other services. On Hotstar you get a basic subscription for Rs.49 and get unlimited access to the movies database and also the TV series for one month. The subscription of Hotstar is worth the price as it is more reliable than the free movie streaming services.

Final Words | Online Movie Streaming Sites List

There are too many movies for an individual to watch in his lifetime. An individual cannot complete all the best movies in his life. But a movie lover can watch movies without calculating his life span and can simply enjoy the movie. I hope you are currently on any one of these websites to watch movies online in HD for free. These are some of the only sites where you can legally watch any movie online without paying a dime for it. If you have some more sites to suggest, then please do make a comment down below.

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