Top 10 Best Free Music Downloads Websites 2017

Music is the most beautiful thing that is created by the humans. Listening to good music makes us feel refreshing and energetic. Through music you can represent various moods of human emotions. So everyone likes to listen to music whenever they are free. 

Though there are many websites on the internet for downloading music, but most of them are premium site. You have to pay an amount for downloading music or songs from these sites. People always can’t afford to pay for music and it is listed out of their budget. So here i will mention some free music downloads sites from where you can get music or songs absolutely free of cost.

Free Music Downloads Sites for free:

Not every time people are ready to pay for music, for that we need some websites which offers songs download for free. So following are the list of the sites from where we can download music.

It is one of the best free music download sites that most of the music lovers are using for downloading songs and music. The layout of this website is impressive and the blue black combination is very simple. A search option is provided in the website and in this you have to enter the name of the song or artist and you will get the result quickly. You can also search with the URL of any song and download it that you watched on YouTube. So you can use this site for downloading free music.


The convert2mp3 is a very relevant website for downloading free music and songs. You can download the music by entering the name of the music in the search options or you can enter the YouTube URL of the video . Through this website you can convert the music in to ant format you want to. The interface of this website is also very easy to use and design is impressive too. So you could go with as your free music downloading website. 


Zing MP3:

It is also another good free music download site from where you can download for free. This is a very colour full website with a easy to handle interface. Every song and music in this site is organized according to genres and categories. So it is easy for you to search songs in it and you can also use the search option to search any song you like to download quickly. So this is one of the most promising websites for downloading music and songs for free. Recently, we have also shared best sites to watch tv series.


It is among the popular sites that provide us with unlimited free music download. In this website every song and music is organized in a specific category or genres so that people can get the song they want quickly. You will able to download bot video and mp3 songs from here and the design of the website is very impressive. You can also search a specific music or song quickly through it. so you can go with this site for downloading music for free.


The MP3XD is also one of the favourite sites for music lovers, in this website you will get a wide range of music and songs for free. The interface of this website is easy to use and any can access it easily. the search optio provided on the homepage helps you to search any song quickly. Some of the trending songs will be displayed under the search option of the website.


YouTube mp3:

It is a very simple and user friendly website for downloading music free. In it only you have to enter the URL of the song from YouTube and this website will convert the video into MP# and download it for you.  You can download as many songs you can from YouTube. So you can use this site for downloading converted MP3 songs from YouTube.

MP3 Skull:

It is one of the most popular free music download sites among music lovers for downloading music for free. In it you will get unlimited access of music of different category and genres. You will found songs are organized category wise, so that it would be easy for people to get the song. The search option on the top will help you to the song through Album, artist or name of the song. The interface of this website is easy to use and the design of the site is also simple to use. So you can use this website for downloading music or songs for free.

mp3 skull

This is unique site and in it you will be able to download music, videos, movies, software, and many more things. When you go to the music section you will be to download music from there and the music or songs are organized in categories, so that people can get it easily from there.  the search option given also helps you to get the song you want to download quickly. So it might be a relevant site for you to download music.


Free Music Archive:

The free music archive is also a very relevant website for downloading music for free. In it the songs are organized in genres and  category wise.  It is very easy for the user to find the song they want to listen the most. The website is also very easy to handle due to its user friendly interface. The search box provided also helps people to get a particular song quickly. So it a very good option for downloading free music and songs.

free music archive


It is very popular and colourful site for downloading and online streaming of music videos. in it you will get large number of songs organized in different genres and categories. The search option help you to get a particular music easily. you will get both latest and old songs in this website. So you could choose this as your music downloading site.


The above written are the websites through which you can download your favourite music songs. Every website has its own features that will help you in many ways to choose and download your song. You can go with anyone of this website for downloading songs for free.


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