Latest Best Free Sites to Play Games Online

Taking a small break from your hectic schedule is highly recommended to maintain your productivity while working. The short breaks are critical while working hard and achieve more. Well, continuously working is a bit monotonous, so doing some fun activities in the small breaks is what you should follow. The fun activities can be team based or even individual. If you prefer the personal activities, then online games are for you. There are many sites to play games online without downloading. Recently, we have also shared free anime streaming sites.

Even if you’re a hardcore gamer, playing simple games can give you immense happiness. If you are in office and want to play some games to relieve the stress, you can check out these sites to play games online. In this post, you’ll find many best sites to play online games for free. As you cannot install hardcore games on your office computer or low-end computer for obvious reasons, these online gaming sites will help you to relieve the stress and have a fun break.

Best Sites to Play Games Online

Best Sites to Play Games Online For Free


The Miniclip is one of the most popular online gaming sites. You can find hundred’s of exciting games on Miniclip to play for free. If you are interested in playing lightweight browser-based online games, then the MiniClip site should be in your bookmarks. The MiniClip develops their games. Thus you’ll not find the same game anywhere else to play. You can Play online games from various categories like Action, Sports, Racing, Shooting, and stunts.

The MiniClip is a free to access the site, and you won’t have to register a user account to play games as it’s the voluntary choice. There is no compulsion of user registration to play games online on MiniClip website. But, if you want to keep track of your scores, achievements, and games, then you can create a user account on the site.

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Addicting Games

If you want to follow what millions of other people follow for online gaming, then you’ll land on the Addicting Games site. On the Addicting Games, you’ll find hundreds of exciting games to play online. You can find games from almost every genre like Action, Adventure, 3D games, Girl games, Racing, and Shooting games, etc. You’ll be confused between the incredible variety and choice of online games on this site.

You can find most popular games on the homepage of the site. If you are interested in the search for any particular game, then you can make a use of Search Bar feature or manually browse through the list of games in different categories.

Almost all of the games on this site are free to play, and as the name suggests, they are addictive as hell. There is no need to create a user account to play games online, but you can create one within minutes to keep track of your score and friends.


The Kongregate is yet another one of the best sites to play games online. On the Kongregate, you can find thousands of exciting online games to play for free. You can play multiplayer online games, action, adventure, sports, racing, shooter and many other games for free of cost on Kongregate. On the homepage of this site, you’ll find many popular and new online games that are available on this site to play. Just choose any game and play it from within your browser.

The user registration on this site is the option, but I advise you to register an account to keep track of your gaming activity like Achievements, High Scores, Opponents and badges that you earn while playing games. Also, the Kongregate will suggest you more games, based on your gaming history so you can find and play more interesting games.

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Armor Games

Want to play a new game every week? Interested in playing tons of online games for free of cost? If YES, then you should check out the Armor Games site. On the Armor games, you’ll find addictive games to play online for free. Here, you can get access to a new game every week and play hundreds of other games for free.

To play the games, you’ll have to create a free user account on this site. There are many benefits of creating a user account on Armor games. You get notification of the new games that are available to play, track your gaming performance, track your high score and bookmark the games to play games anywhere and anytime. The Armor Games has developed some mobile games too. You can find those games in “Mobile” category on the site.


The ShockWave is one of the best sources to find games to play online. The ShockWave is also one of the oldest sites to offer online flash games. You can find hundreds and thousands of different games on this site, which you can play online or download on the computer to play later.

There are many exciting games listed on the ShockWave site to help you enjoy the small breaks. You can find games in almost all categories like Action, Adventure, Classic, Sports, Puzzle, Racing, Shooting and much more. Also, you can sort the games according to the Release date, High Ratings, Popularity and Newest games. There is no compulsion to create a user account on the site to play games online.

Final Words | Best Sites to Play Games Online

These are the sites where you can find many online games and play for free and that too without downloading. The online games are lightweight and known for relieving stress. The best thing about these games is not graphic heavy. They do not eat much system resources like graphic heavy games. Just open your web browser and visit any of the sites mentioned above to play games online.
If you think we’ve missed any popular site to play games online, then please make a comment below, so that we can add that site to our list of sites to play games online for free without downloading.

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