Top 5 Best iOS Emulators for Windows 2017

The iPhones are the aesthetically pleasing smartphone ever made. No other smartphone can catch Apple’s hand in making some beautiful smartphones with the elegant operating system. The apps running on iPhone or any other iOS device run smoothly and also feel elegant to use than other operating systems for smartphones. If you are an Android user and want to try any iOS app on your computer, then you’ve to use the iOS simulator for windows. With the iOS simulators, you can run iOS apps on your computer very quickly.

If you are looking for the best iOS emulators for Windows, then you landed on the right post. In this post, you’ll need some best iOS emulators for Windows to run the iOS app on PC. Before sharing this post, we’ll learn what an Emulator is.

Best iOS Emulators for Windows

Best iOS Emulators for Windows

What is an Emulator?

The emulator is a software program, which emulates the certain environment. When developers create an app on the PC and want to test the operating system for which the app is made, they use the Emulators to Emulate that certain operating system environment, so that the app can run smoothly.

The OS emulators are very useful to run the app/programs from other operating systems to our PC. The emulators serve incredible to use to the App developers. But, we can use the Emulators on PC to run the smartphone apps on PC without any issue.

Best iOS Emulators for Windows Computers


The iPadian is one of the best iOS emulators for Windows. The iPadian is a premium iOS emulator, which is used to enjoy the iOS 10 on your Windows computer. You can use the iPadian to access all of the features in iOS10 and also the user interface of iOS 10. With the iPadian, you can install and run almost all of the app that is made for iOS.

The Paid version of iPadian has a price tag of $9.99/-. You get full Apple App Store access, Siri, iMessages and other essential apps within the iPadian premium version. If you are a iOS developer, then you must get this iOS emulator to run the iOS app on your PC.

Air iPhone Emulator

The Air iPhone simulator is one of the most popular iOS simulators for Windows. If you are looking for a free alternative for the iPadian iPhone Emulator, then you should download this app. With the Air iPhone Emulator, you can install any iS based app on your PC and use it. The Air iPhone Emulator app relies on the Adobe AIR and is lightweight than the other iOS emulators for Windows computers. If you have a low-end computer, then you can easily use this emulator.

The Air iPhone Emulator replicates the entire iPhone user interface on your PC. With this emulator, you can download the iOS app and install them to use on your computer. The best thing about this iOS Emulator is that it is free to download.

MobiOne Studio

The MobiOne Studio is also one of the best iOS apps emulator for Windows. The MobiOne deserved the number one spot on our list, but it is in the third place due to an unfortunate reason. The MobiOne Studio iOS emulator is now discontinued from the service, and you’ll not be able to buy it again. The MobiOne Studio is not only the iOS Emulator for Windows, but it is the Android Simulator for Windows. With this app, you can run the iOS app and Android apps side by side on your Windows computer.

As the MobiOne Studio developers discontinued the support, we are not able to buy the software or get the latest version anymore. But, we can download the EXE file of the last version of this iOS Emulator from third party sites.


If you are a iOS developer and looking for the best iOS Emulator that suits your needs, then the SmartFace is the best iOS Emulator for Windows computers. With the SmartFace, you can run any iOS app on Windows computer to use it or test it. The SmartFace is not just the iOS Emulator; it’s a iOS Development software. With this software, you can build the iOS app, Debug the apps, and test the apps.

The SmartFace comes with the plugin support to extend the usability, WYSIWYG editor to edit the apps or create new apps, and Javascript library. It’s an all-in-one solution for the iOS Developers to set up and run iOS apps on Windows computers.

The is an online iOS Emulator for any computer. The is an online tool, which lets you upload the iOS apps and then run it virtually on your browser. The can recognize and run both, Android and iOS apps. The is a lightweight website which shows you the apps, which you want to run. There is no need to download any additional software on your computer to execute the iOS apps.

The is not a free site to use. It has some premium plans to run iOS apps on your browser. But, if you are looking for a trial, then you can get a Free demo of the Appetize.Io online emulator.

Xamarin TestFlight

The Xamarin Testflight is one of the most useful iOS emulators for Windows. With the Xamarin TestFlight, you can run any iOS app on your Windows computer without any issue. I’ve tried this software personally and faced no problems. If you are looking for a simple iOS simulator for the Windows 7/8/8.1/10 PC, then you should download the Xamarin TestFlight on your computer.

The Xamarin Testflight is owned by Apple, so it’s the default app provided by Apple for their developers to test the iOS apps on Windows.

Final Words | Best iOS Emulators for Windows 7/8/8.1/10

So, these are some of the best iOS emulators for windows. There are many Android emulators available on the internet, but you’ll find only plenty of the iOS Emulators. Well, now you know some of the best emulators to run the iOS app on Windows. If you know some more iOS Emulators which should feature in our list, then please make a comment below.

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