Best Websites to Watch Hindi Movies Online

The movies are considered as the best doctrine to make your dull and boring life enjoyable. With the movies, we can entertain you from the boredom of the monotonous routine of yours. What is better than the larger than life movies from Bollywood? Most of the Bollywood movies are considered as the perfect entertainers and best to refresh your mood when you are not in a good mood.

If you are interested in watching Bollywood movies to relax and spend some alone time, then you should check out these Best movie sites to watch Hindi movies online. Watching movies online is the best way to enjoy movies alone and not to spend excessive money on the  Blu-Rays and spending on the movie tickets. In this post, you’ll find some of the best sites to watch Hindi movies online. So, without wasting time, let’s check out the list of best Hindi movie sites to watch movies online. Also check best free cartoon streaming sites.

Best Sites to Watch Hindi Movies Online

Sites to Watch Bollywood Movies Online

Box TV

The Box TV is one of the best sites to watch Hindi movies online. The site has tons of latest and classic Indian movies on the site. The best thing about this site is that you get all of the movies in the Hindi to watch in High Quality. There is no compromise on the video quality of the film. The site hosts lots of Hindi movies from Bollywood. Also, the Box TV has the Hindi Dubbed movies from Hollywood and the film industries from other countries like Spain and South Korea, etc.

There are many Hindi movies available to watch for free, but you’ll have to buy a subscription package to access the entire library of the films and also to unlock the features. In my opinion, the Subscription is worth it due to the massive updated library of Hindi movies that you can watch online.


The Hotstar is the most popular online entertainment platform made especially for the Indian people. The Star India Pvt owns the Hotstar. Ltd, who owns the most popular Entertainment and Movie channels in India. The great thing about Hotstar is that you can watch almost everything which is licensed by Star Networks on the Hotstar. From the TV series to Movies and from Live TV to the international shows.

On Hotstar, you can find some of the best Bollywood movies on the Hotstar to watch online. The Hotstar allows their users to watch some movies for free, but most of them are only available for the premium customers. You can find and watch the latest and classic Bollywood films, and the Hindi Dubbed movies from other languages on the Hotstar.

The Premium subscription of Hotstar is not that expensive and comes with all of the amazing features. The Hotstar is available on Computers, iOS, and Android platform.

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Jio Movies

The Jio Movies is one of the best yet neglected app. The Reliance Jio launched this app as the complimentary package for their customers. All of the Jio telecom subscribers have the free access to Jio Movies, which is one of the best apps for watching movies online. Yes! This is the app, and yet, I am listing it in this post about Websites to watch Hindi movies online.

As there are many paid apps, the Jio Movies is a free to us the app as of now. All of the Jio customers will get complimentary usage of Jio Movies and other apps till they keep recharging their numbers with individual plans. On Jio Movies, you can find many popular and latestBollywoodd movies to watch for free. Only condition here is you should have the Jio SIM card on the smartphone.


The SonyLiv is another fantastic site for watching Hindi movies online. Just like the Hotstar, the SonyLiv is the site which is owned by a Television broadcaster. The SonyLiv belongs to the Sony Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. On the Sonly Liv, you can watch all of the Hindi movies licensed by the Sony Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. You can watch most of the latest Bollywood movies on this site. Not just the Hindi films, but you can watch the Hollywood movies and some movies from other languages than Hindi and English.

The Sony Liv is your one-stop for entertainment because here you can find tons of content to watch for entertaining yourself. You can watch all Live TV channels of the Sony and watch the episodes of their TV shows. Also, you can buy a premium subscription to get access to the massive library of films, television series, and licensed shows.

The SonLiv can be accessed from the PC, iOS, and Android smartphones easily.


I am not suggesting you watch pirated movies, which are uploaded quite regularly on YouTube. Well, all of the uploaded movies that are pirated are removed by YouTube very soon. So, I am talking about the legal way to watch movies on the YouTube. Many of the Indian Film Production companies are listing their Hindi films of the YouTube for people to watch them online. The method they are following here is leasing the movie to a subscriber to watch it during the contract period. By this way, you can rent the film for a short time at less cost than purchasing the movie for much higher price.

Also, the YouTube is the biggest video search engine in the world maintained by Google, so there is no compromise on the Quality of movies you lease or even purchase. You can watch movies in the 4K resolution if you have a device that supports the 4K resolution and a high-speed internet connection. The prices are meager compared to the Film tickets. You can rent movies for as low as Rs.25/- per movie.

Also, some of the movie producers are uploading the classic movies on YouTube. The officially uploaded videos on YouTube are quite older, and most of them are Bollywood classics. They are uploaded after the end of licensing period. So, it is an another way to watch Hindi movies online for free.

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Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon Prime Video is the exclusive entertainment service provided by Amazon. The service is now available in India to subscribe. On the Amazon Prime Video, we can watch almost all of the Bollywood movies after paying for a monthly or yearly subscription of the Prime Video. The Amazon is the trusted site, and the Amazon Prime Video is considered as the fierce competitor to the Netflix. The Indian version of Amazon Prime video allows you to watch the Bollywood movies in HD resolution.

The Amazon Prime Video has a massive library of the Movies from Hollywood, Bollywood and other countries, TV series from India, and other countries and also the Amazon Original shows, that can be found only on the Amazon Prime Video. This site is the ultimate destination for watching the Hindi movies in your free time. You get Amazon Prime Video access with the Amazon Prime subscription. The Prime Subscription is available for Rs. 499/- per year and comes with the Prime Benefits like Free Home Delivery of products from Amazon, One-Day Delivery and access to Amazon Prime Video.


The Eros Entertainment is one of the biggest movie producer and distributors in India. The Eros distributes almost all of the famous Hindi films  to theaters. So, the Eros has access to virtually all of the latest and recently released movies in India. They’ve launched the online portal to let others watch latest Hindi movies online. The is the online portal, where you can watch Hindi movies for affordable prices. On the, you can watch Hindi movies online for as low as Rs.49/- per month. You can watch unlimited movies and TV shows licensed by Eros on this online portal.

Along with the movies and TV shows, you get access to the music albums, Songs and Eros Now original shows that are not available anywhere else to watch.

Final Words | Best Sites to Watch Hindi Movies Online

These are the sites where you can find the most of the latest and classic Bollywood movies to watch online. These Hindi movie streaming sites are the best way to entertain yourself with a broad range of Indian films. The great thing about all of the Hindi movie streaming sites that we listed here are legal and not support the Piracy of movies in any way. SO, you contribute to the Piracy less film world and get good experience while watching movies online.

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